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of Human Genetics

Trainee Membership Information

Trainee Membership

Membership year from January to December

 1 year

EJHG online access only

Trainee ESHG Membership
Membership in the European Society of Human Genetics for students working toward a post-baccalaureate, masters, professional, doctoral or doctorate degree

EUR 40.-

Proof of Trainee Status:

Trainees are required to prove their status by submitting at least one of the items below as proof of their trainee status when applying for the ESHG membership.

1.     Signed, dated letter from the director of your program on letterhead from the institution stating that you are currently one of the following:

  • an advanced-degree genetics professional in training as resident and clinical fellow
  • working as postdoctoral fellow
  • working towards a post-baccalaureate, master, professional, doctoral or doctorate degree
  • a student working toward a bachelor’s, first, ordinary or honours degree

2.     Legible copy of an ID badge bearing your name, trainee status designation and future expiration date.

NOTE: Applications submitted between:

  • January 1 and October 31 are effective for the current year. Approved applicants will receive all publications mailed since January 1 of the current year.

  • Membership applications from November 1 to December 31 are effective for the following calendar year. Benefits will begin on January 1 the following calendar year.

Please note that if you renew during the year your Membership will still end in December, regardless of the date of renewal, as membership of the society is for one calendar year (from January to December).

Activation of online access

You will receive an email with your access data after we have received payment of your membership fee and as soon as your online journal account is active.

Payment of subscription

Payment may be made by 

  1. Credit card (Mastercard, VISA)

  2. Bank transfer Payments must be made without charges to the beneficiary.

Unfortuantely cheques cannot be accepted anymore, due to high handling fees involved.

General Information

• Membership year is January 1 - December 31 unless otherwise specified.
• Membership dues are non-refundable.
• Annual Meeting registration fees are NOT part of your dues payment.