The European Society
of Human Genetics

Education Committee - EduCom

ESHG Education Committee

Members of the Education Committee

Bill Newman20202024Chair
Elena Avram 20212023Young geneticists
Patricia Calapod 20212025Addressing disparities
Christophe Cordier20162024DNADay essay and Video contest
Johan den Dunnen 2017 2025 Courses
Vita Dolzan20212025Online courses
Sofia Douzgou Houge20212025Podcasts
Gulcin Gumus20222026Eurodis Representative
Sally Ann Lynch20212025Addressing disparities
James O’Byrne 20212025Disparities/Metabolic genetics
Inga Prokopenko 2019 2023 Courses
Feliciano Ramos20222026EBMG Representative
Raquel Silva20222024Young geneticists
Cecilia Soares 2021 2025 Public education/Engagement
Co-opted members
Adam Tobias

The Role of the ESHG in Delivering Genomic Education

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